The UltiMillet Snack

Soo Good.Soo Tasty

Bajra Millet Namkeen

Made with 60% Millet (Bajra), 17% Peanuts, 14% Boondi, Bhujia (Soya, Gram Flour), 5% Oil for slow roasting, and 4% seasoning.

Zero Preservatives, Artificial Flavours

The Wholesome Snacking Goodness

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Just 5 Ingredients

Powerful Millets. Amazing Benefits.

Product Ingredients

60% of Millets

Slow Roasted Millets to give you the ultimate Crunch!


17% of Peanuts

Perfectly Roasted. Utterly delicious.

14% of Gram + Soya Flour

Protein Source. All Natural


5% of Oil

Goodness of Rice Bran Oil.

4% Grandmas Secret Spice mix.

Completely Made In-House.Completely Made In-House. Sourced Directly from Farmers. Blended in House.